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Fun and Games

ABCya! is the leader in free educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students to learn on the web.

This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively.

Top educational game site specializing in games for K-12 kids. Our games are family friendly and fun to play.

An amusement park of math and more…

You’re visiting an art museum when, suddenly, you’re sucked into a painting! You need to figure out which one it is in order to get out.

For each answer you get right, 10 grains of rice will be donated through the World Food Programme to help end hunger.

Wonderful fun games that teach as well as entertain.

World Geography

Geography Map Quizzes

Books, Stories, Writing Contests, and Publishing for Kids

Kids Know It Network – The Totally Free Children’s Learning Network

Play fun games, read stories, find out fun facts about the world around you, read jokes, and test your brain power on puzzles and riddles.

Want educational games that help build skills in math, language, science, social studies, and more? You've come to the right place!

Fun games and projects

The idea behind this site is to offer mathematics as well as some fun bits, and to combine the two wherever possible.

Play with numbers and give your brain a workout.

Activities, games, and worksheets to help teach multiplication facts.

Educational games, videos and activities for kids

Sequencing with Simon

Free educational games, coloring pages, interactive e-books, holiday activities, musical postcards, crafts, worksheets, and more!

Hundreds of fun educational games and activities for kids to play online. Topics include math, geography, animals, and more.

Create an online paper snowflake.

This site provides free math worksheets, free math games, grammar quizzes and free phonics worksheets and games.

A free website to teach preschool, kindergarten, and first grade children to read with phonics. Fun phonics games and online interactive books.

Games for kids 0-10 years of age

Online word games designed to build vocabulary skills and to motivate people to learn through fun practice in spelling, phonics, and vocabulary.

Search and Research

Ask Jeeves for kids. Enter questions in plain English and get answers.

Free reference site for students, teachers, and parents. Find facts on thousands of subjects, including sports, entertainment, geography, etc.

Features different people, animals, and places each month with facts, games, activities, and related links.

Links to more sites organized by subject area. Easily searchable with downloadable pictures and sounds.

Learn about geology which is the study of our Earth, the processes that formed it, and how it will continue to change in the future.

This site is dedicated to the heroes, gods, and monsters of Greek mythology.

Portraits of the Presidents

Smithsonian Institute for kids

Science behind the news. Great new angle on “current events” assignments.

Yucky is the place to be for the coolest science entertainment.

Keyboarding Games

Meet the gang and learn to type. Go through all 12 stages to be a top typist.

Typing Games

Find the Letter typing game

Practice and perfect keyboarding skills with these exciting free online typing games.

An online free typing tutor

Typing Tutorials, Speed Tests, and Games

Typing course for motivated individuals looking to develop their keyboard skills.

Peter’s Online Typing Course

Simple typing game in which you help the monkey jump to the moon by pressing the correct letters.

Simple typing game in which you help the monkey jump to the top of the cave by pressing the correct letters.