Google Classroom Information
PKA Cossey - yjvjp4w
PKB Whitefield
KA Murray
KB Merrell
1A Goodin
1B Williams
2A Rasure
2B Bergsten
3A Parish
3B Turner
4A Sealy
4B Lauck
5A Eddings
5B Law


1st/2nd Grade - 2d26ula
3rd Girls/Boys - h4fqtwn
4th Girls/Boys - qfby2yu
5th Boys/Girls - 67ajhdi
6th Boys/Girls - bcwhavt
Comp.+ 4th 9 Wks - tcu3gk4

Your assignment is to go to the
posted website and complete the
brain/nervous system segment.
Take the 10 question test then
send me your results through my
SRC email. I'll have a new
assignment next week!
Miss everyone!! S. Brooks
Ms. Curtis
7B English - 7slabuk
7A English - w5qiel6
6B English - 4bnoq76
6A English - awfqipf

Ms. Dye

Mr. Lee

Ms. Monterroso
6B Literature - optik4t
6A Literature - 7ebpqm2
7D Literature - zdypc5p
7C Literature - jbdefp7

Ms. Stewart
8B History - wdyj3zl
8A History - bpfszki
7B Geography - ytugtxq
7A Geography - ghvoacp
6B Science - wpklgme
6A Science - 7v6oo3f

Ms. Walker
8C English - an24vlg
8B Literature - 2vkqcbx
8D English - gc3tzwk
8A Literature - fauue4u
6B Geography - rprcces
6A Geography - 55z2jko
Here are a few online learning resources. Find more learning opportunities on the Educational Website Links page.

Amplify Free Resources

Audible Books

Big List of Children's Authors Doing Online Read-Alouds

Code Break
(Sign up to join a live, weekly interactive classroom where the team will teach your children at home while school is closed, and a weekly challenge to engage students of all abilities, even those without computers.)

Common Sense Educational Apps (that don't need wifi or data)

Common Sense Media Resources for Families

Everfi Digital Lessons for Remote Learning

Fit: Sandford Health
(Lots of great ideas and free resources)

Pioneer Library Virtual Card Application

RoomRecess eLearning Videos for Kid

RoomRecess Audio Stories for Kids

Scholastic Learn at Home

Tynker Coding Games
(Parents can sign up for free account)

Wide Open School (Wide Open School is a free collection of the best online learning experiences for kids curated by the editors at Common Sense.)

No computer? Try these smartphone coding apps.
Box Island
(for all ages)
Grasshopper (for middle school and up)
Online Learning Resources
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Office telephones are not being answered at this time due to the Shelter at Home guidelines, therefore email will be the best form of communication. Please allow ample time for a response and remember this is new for everyone and we are learning every day how to
best serve your child's needs.

Don't worry! We have been given a great deal of flexibility to make sure everyone gets a fair chance to be successful.
Remember, your
child will not receive a zero if they don't do the work.
Updated learning links will be placed on the website periodically, so check back regularly for new learning opportunities.

Students: Your administrators, teachers, classroom assistants, and related staff members miss you very much and wish we could complete the school year in person. Good luck and stay South Rock Creek strong!